Take Away The Pain and Worry

Pre Arranging Your Funeral

Planning ahead with Burke and Hamilton Funerals takes the pain and worry away from surviving family. By taking this option, you can relieve the family of the stressful arranging process. This also gives you the opportunity of having your wishes expressed when it comes to your final resting place or mode of disposal.

Having made these arrangements gives you the peace of mind to know that the staff of Burke and Hamilton will be by your families side supporting them in the arranging of the service to your wishes.

Some families find it difficult to talk about the impending demise of a loved one. By taking this option your wishes can be made known without having that difficult conversation.

Our Professional Staff will sit with you and record your wishes for the future in a caring and compassionate manner. When the time comes these records are used with your loved ones to arrange the funeral.

Pre Paying Your Funeral

You can further relieve the burden on your loved ones by taking away the financial burden of a funeral. The Australian Government has licensed a number of companies to offer Funeral Bonds and Prepaid Funeral Plans. We at Burke and Hamilton can give you an option on a number of these companies to invest in for your funeral, and offer advice as to which company has the best returns at the time.

Payment plans can be arranged for those wishing to use this service.

Do you need help right now?

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